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Connect your own facebook and follow local event experts. We will take care of the rest.
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There is so much fun stuff going on but as young professionals we don’t have the time to search through facebook or endless event apps to find the perfect event.

We just want to be invited to cool stuff directly in our calendar we already use.
Max 1 event per day. Just like from a good friend. – invite me to the best events.

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Directly in my calendar

I don’t need another app or website in my life. I just want invites to cool events directly in the calendar i am already using. Maximum one invite per day!

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Quality events only

I don’t have time to scroll through endless lists of mainstream events. I want to be my well connected friend who invites me to the good stuff. No email spam and only when I have time.

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Follow event experts

Ever wanted to see your friend's facebook event stream? Now you can. Just ask your friends to sign up for and then you can select his/her facebook stream as a source for great event recommendations. Or choose from our local event experts!